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 Some basic How Tos for posting

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Some basic How Tos for posting Empty
PostSubject: Some basic How Tos for posting   Some basic How Tos for posting Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 11:11 am

How to post a link:
There are two basic ways for a link to appear.
1. There is a visible url one can copy to the adress bar to access the "linked"-page.
Simply paste the url into your post. For example:
2. Words are clickable and they link to the page.
For example:
Go to index page!
You can do this by using this code:

How to make text bold, underlined or in italics:
In the 2nd case above it is preferred if you mark your links by underlining them. Either mark the text you want underlined and click on the U in the tools section above your post in the post-editor or add the underline-tags around the text. It would look like this:

If you want to make text appear bold or in italics you can do as above but replace the 'u' with a 'b' for bold and and 'i' for italics.

How to color text:
To color text parts (only use this where needed for illustration or to make the text more pleasing to the eye. E.g. by coloring the paragraph titles in gold, like I did in here) simply mark the text and click on the button with the many small colored squares on it and chose a color. The result should look like this:
or in the post:
Alternatively you can add the color-tags manually of course and while doing so you can change the name of the color (violet in the above example) to the html code for a certain color. The gold I use for the important titles is the code: #dfcc49
It would be nice if you could use the same color for your important titles just so we can all adhere to a universal style. It makes it easier to read through a bunch of tutorials and posts if they all look more or less the same.

How to post images:
When posting images you also have three possibilities.
1. You post the image url as a link as detailed above.
2. You simply post the image with the image-tags. If the image is small enough to just slap it in your post you can surround the image url with image-tags. For example this pic here:
Some basic How Tos for posting Mirroringlu5
It was posted like this:
3. If the pic is too large to post it directly, create a thumb-nail view.
This means you post a smaller version of the image which serves as a link to the image in its original size.
You need a link to the original image and a link to the small version of the image. Then you set it up just like the clickable words I explained above as the 2nd example of how to post a link and instead of words you post the image as explained in the 2nd example of how to post images.

It looks a lot more complicated than it really is. Once you posted two or three links and pics you'll have no trouble with it anymore.

Where can I upload my images?
I can recommend imageshack. It's completely free, you can upload as much as you like (as long as the individual image stays smaller than 1.5 MB but that's a very reasonable limitation) and if you create an account your images are collected in that account so you can easily access them. Images in an account stay there forever. Images that are uploaded without an account stay online for one year counting from the last access date. So as long as someone looks at it once a year they stay online forever too. Once the upload is complete the site even offers comfortable links for you to copy so you can post the images without having to mess with codes yourself. There is even automatical thumb-nail creation if the images are larger.

Where can I upload my files?
I can recommend FileFront. It's completely free too. All you need is a free and easy to create account. You can then upload your files and organize them into folders if you want to. You get unlimited storage space, unlimited traffic and a download counter. There is a limit that an upload can only take ten hours or so and that individual files can only be, I don't know, a giga byte or something. For our purposes there is no real limit. They don't allow zip-files to be passworded though so don't password them.
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Some basic How Tos for posting
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