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 Read this before posting!

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Read this before posting! Empty
PostSubject: Read this before posting!   Read this before posting! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 17, 2008 12:22 pm

This forum is to be shared by mappers from quite a few different games and the range of topics includes several purposes. To ensure readability and accessability I suggest we all use the following formula for our topic-titles.
The title MUST include two tags! One for the status of the map and one for the game the map is for. Please try and use these exact tags as listed and explained below.

Failure to use them will result in me adding them Smile

Tags signifying the status of a map:
[TOC] = Test of Concept. Use this tag if you want to show off an idea for a map. Examples include 2d or 3d floorplans or small completed pieces of a future map to show off the style and setting of the map.
[WIP] = Work in Progress. Use this tag if your map is complete enough to show it but not complete enough for a critique.
[Beta] = Beta. Use this if your map is basically done from your end but you need people to test it for glitches, bugs or gameplay inconsistencies.
[Final] = Final. This is for completed maps.
[RV] = Review. Use this tag if you are posting a review of someone's map.

Tags signifying the game the map is for:
[U] = Unreal
[UT] = Unreal Tournament
[TO] = Tactical Operations
[UT2] = Unreal Tournament 2003 or Unreal Tournament 2004
[RvS] = Raven Shield
[RO] = Red Orchestra
[UT3] = Unreal Tournament 3

If the map is for another game think up your own tag but keep it easily guessable. I will include the tag in the list then.

Inside the topic:
1. We are all stupid fanboys of our own creations. We want them to be treated with respect. Not respecting someone elses map will be counted as a harsh personal attack on that somebody and it will be punished accordingly!
2. We are all stupid smart-asses. If we see something is wrong we want to comment on it. Criticism is allowed and indeed encouraged as long as it is constructive and brought forth in a respectful manner. If you cannot live with respectful, constructive criticism, please hide your map somewhere.

Just follow the golden rule and everything is "super green". Laughing
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Read this before posting!
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