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 [KF] KF-Cave

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[KF] KF-Cave Empty
PostSubject: [KF] KF-Cave   [KF] KF-Cave Icon_minitimeSat Jan 14, 2012 3:00 pm

The first beta is out now.

[new download links below]

fix exploits
add a couple of weapon pickups
create sound-scape...

I don't want anyone to download the proverbial cat in the sack, of course, so here are a couple of screenshots and a video:

leaving the cave:
[KF] KF-Cave 00Jqc

different angle:
[KF] KF-Cave Vl2xP

corridor leading outside:
[KF] KF-Cave L9d5C

inside the cave:
[KF] KF-Cave U3a9S

bonus screenshot, lol:
[KF] KF-Cave N7FJZ

and if you want to see an early version of the map in action, check out this youtube video!

01/28/12: v2

Download KF-Cave-v2 from Rapidshare
Download KF-Cave-v2 from Mediafire

added sounds
fixed exploits around the archeologist's table
fixed invisible hole in the ground outside
cut off some rocks and made other areas slightly easier to traverse

Some feedback on this version, mostly concerning exploits, would be nice. If I don't get anything I'm going to submit this for whitelisting.
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[KF] KF-Cave
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