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 Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor

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Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor Empty
PostSubject: Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor   Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 10:44 pm

hey, im new here and new to unrealED. Theres some things i need help with. the first is are you able to select edges and chamfer them? i think you can get the same results with clipping them, but it would be handy for sloped edges. Thats all for now, theres more i need to ask but right now i cant even remember what they are ! ill reply here when i find out. Thanks !

Edit: oh yeah, i thikn the tool is free hand polygon tool or something, does this tool allow you to draw polygons on other faces? i dont know how to use it, and also with the 2d shape maker, when i try load a texture to work on unrealED always crashes, does this happen with everyone? cheers

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Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor   Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 11:46 pm

Welcome, Shadowwill!

You can't smooth edges automatically. Clipping them is the closest you can get. If you want to make models that are so detailed that smoothing them would make any practical sense than you are better off not creating them in the UnrealEd but using 3d program and exporting the finished model into UnrealEd.
For reasons of performance, practicality, visual quality (especially concerning lighting) and last but most certainly not least: to avoid BSP-errors!

The Free Hand Polygon Drawing Tool can't draw on surfaces. It is meant to create new brushes quasi on-the-fly. You can activate it and with the now changed cursor you can set markers by holding ctrl and right-clicking. You can add them to existing brush-surfaces in a 3d viewmode that shows them or in a 2d viewport. Once you are done laying out the shape with the markers you can rightclick anywhere and select "CREATE BRUSH" which will open a little window in which you can enter the height of the new brush. The new brush will be your marker's shape extruded by the height you entered. It will be extruded to a bevel.
However, this doesn't seem to work for everyone. For me it simply doesn't create a brush anymore even though I can set the markers. It worked on my old pc but even there it doesn't work anymore. I haven't found out what caused this yet but it doesn't matter much since I barely used it anyway.

Yes. The 2d Shape Editor crashes on me too if I want to load a texture. Maybe loading a bitmap file from the disk works. I haven't tried this yet but according to UDN it should work.
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Chamfer edges? FHPoly-Drawing and 2d ShapeEditor
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