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 full-screen color-filter; denser fog

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full-screen color-filter; denser fog Empty
PostSubject: full-screen color-filter; denser fog   full-screen color-filter; denser fog Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 7:54 am

Prerequisits: You need to know who to set-up fog in a Zone.

have you ever wanted to have really dense fog but the only way you found to increase the density was to reduce the draw-distance?

There is another way!

Expand "ZoneLight" in the properties of your ZoneInfo of the zone you want to have dense fog in.
There are two relevant settings for the density of the fog:
1. DistanceFogEnd. This determines the drawdistance. Everything farther away than the number of unreal units you specify here will be swallowed by the fog.
2. DistanceFogStart. This determines how many unreal units a player can see ahead without fog. The fog only kicks in after those units.

The key to make really dense fog while still maintaining a playable drawdistance is to use a negative value for the DistanceFogStart!
That way the fog basically started behind the player and is already pretty dense where the player's eyes start.

Here are three example screenshots taken in the UnrealEd of UT2004 on the stock-map CTF-Grassyknoll:

The first one shows the map without any distancefog, just so you can compare it with the foggy scenes.
Click me!

The second shot shows pretty dense fog, but the fog is made dense by lowering the max. draw-distance to 5000uu. It is dense but long-range fighting isn't possible anymore.
Click me!

The third shot here shows fog that is even denser than in the second shot although the max. view distance is 15000!
Click me!

This can also be used to create a color-filter. As you can see in the last pic it looks kind of as if the player had slightly green tintet glasses on. This is because the fog distance is so high even though the fog is so dense. You can deliberately use this to create a sort of color-filter for certain areas in your map to enhance the mood.

Have fun with this!
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full-screen color-filter; denser fog
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