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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeFri Oct 17, 2008 12:42 pm

There is a "Read before posting!" topic in some of the forums where I wrote down rules that are specific to that forum. Read all of them please.
Aside from those specific rules there are some rules and guidelines that apply to every forum. You all agreed to the wonderful pre-defined rule-set of the forum provider when you joined so stick to it. Here are some more rules by me:

DO NOT post just to increase your post-count.
Don't just post to increase your post-count. No one cares about it and all this does is to interrupt the flow of a topic and annoy other users. What little questionable respect you gain for the increased post-count is basically destroyed if you get known as a spammer. Earn respect by being a nice guy/gal and/or by being helpful in the support forums.
If you added a post but you forgot something and you want to add it use the 'Edit' function and edit your previous post to include it. You can write "EDIT: Blahblah" under the content of the old post to show you changed something. Multiple posts from one user without posts of another user in between look suspiciously like the user just splitted up his posts to gain a higher post-count. This is not acceptable. I will either merge such posts myself, ask you to do it yourself or simply delete everyone but the first. My reaction depends on how often you did this before.
Exceptions: If you said you are going to try a suggestion of another poster and you want to post your result you can post that into a new post right under your old one. By this it is visible from the outside that you responded again and the suggester can get back to you faster.
Just use common sense and you should be fine.

DO NOT attack members personally! This includes insulting them either directly (e.g. via name-calling) or indirectly (e.g. by flinging mud at their creations).

DO NOT strike back if you feel insulted by someone! If you feel insulted, contact ME! Do not feel bad about running to big daddy. You wouldn't feel bad about going to the police if a stranger attacked you either. "We got ourselves a nice little beach-community and I aim to keep it nice and quite."

About avatars and sigs:
Don't use avatars that are bigger than 100*100 pixels and use jpg if possible.
The maximum resolution of a signature is:
One 450*150 pixel² image plus one line of text (default size) or
One 450*100 pixel² image plus three lines of text or
No image but five lines of text.

I will monitor the forum whenever I can but I am not infallible and I have something else to do too so I am bound to miss things. If you see something that you feel doesn't belong there - no matter how small - contact me! If you see someone posting ads, if you see double-posts, if you see a topic that was created in the wrong section, etc. pp. Reports of that nature will be treated anonymously so no one but me will know about it and I am happy you took the time to help make the forum a better place. Smile

Decisions made by me are absolute. Petitions won't help. Rolling Eyes However, if you feel I made a mistake contact me directly (via PM or E-Mail) and share your point of view with me. You may also create a topic about the issue in the "Forum Operation" forum if you think debating it in public is the better idea. If I lock a topic about that issue though you may not create another one about the same issue.
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