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 [UT2] [RV] CTF-Wasnuni

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[UT2] [RV] CTF-Wasnuni Empty
PostSubject: [UT2] [RV] CTF-Wasnuni   [UT2] [RV] CTF-Wasnuni Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 4:49 pm

1. Name: CTF-Wasnuni
2. Version: Final
3. Compatibility: UT2004 v3369
4. Description: A symmetrical CTF map set in an underground temple.
5. Author: Murphy
6. Screenshots:
Shot I
Shot II
Shot III
7. Video:
Low-quality video at youtube.
The video is from the beta. The full version has updated collisions for the bridges and slightly tweaked visuals. Check the screenshots for a better look.
8. Credits: I used content from ONS-Dinora (you do not have to have that map installed in order to play mine) and some of the textures from hourences website ( More info in the readme.
9. Homepage:
10. Download:
Download CTF-Wasnuni from (13.1 MB)
Download CTF-Wasnuni from (13.1 MB) (updated link)
More mirrors for CTF-Wasnuni at (13.1 MB)
Download CTF-Wasnuni from the map-factory (15.7 MB)

Firefly reviewed the map at UT Unlimited. Click here to read the review!

Have fun with this.
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[UT2] [RV] CTF-Wasnuni
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