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 [UT2] [MDL] [Pack] Blank Corridor

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PostSubject: [UT2] [MDL] [Pack] Blank Corridor   Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:00 am

By xMurphyx

By xMurphyx

By xMurphyx
(note how flawlessly the textures are aligned despite the weird angles... Very Happy Curious?)

By xMurphyx

Download Blank Corridor from FileFront
Download it from Rapidshare

This model comes as an add-brush construction in a map-file. It's textured. The textures that aren't taken from the game are in the myLevel Package of the map-file so don't even worry about them. In addition the mapfile has the StaticMeshes seen in the images above in its myLevel package.

I wouldn't just use this corridor but use it as a base and add some pipes or wires, maybe additional lamps on the ceiling. Have fun with this!
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[UT2] [MDL] [Pack] Blank Corridor
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