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 Tutorials for UnrealEngine 2

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PostSubject: Tutorials for UnrealEngine 2   Tutorials for UnrealEngine 2 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 1:52 pm

0. Technical FAQ
My UnrealEd is white
I die when I test my level
I can't select things
My textures are replaced with the green bubbly default texture when I test my level
My StaticMeshes don't show up when I test my level
My map/ Parts of my map disappear when I add/subtract a brush

1. UnrealEd controls
Camera movement
Actor placement
Actor selection
Actor movement
Using packages; the myLevel package

2. Basic Geometry (brushes and what to do with them)
Matter vs. Void
The Builder Brush
Adding and Subtracting Brushes
Vertex Editing
A guide against BSP-Holes

3. Textures
Making parts of a texture unlit
Importing Textures (all you need to know)
Water Textures (with reflections and animated waves!)

4. Advanced Geometry (StaticMeshes and Terrain)
Converting Brushes to StaticMesh

5. Lighting
Triggerable light
Triggerable light that turns itself off after a certain amount of time

6. Misc (Emitters, Movers, Volumes, ...)
Denser Fog in Zones
Full-screen color-filter
Creating a Skybox
Create skybox textures using Terragen
The group browser
Protecting your map from modders

7. Optimization

8. Bot-support
Duplicating large pathnets

9. Coding
Mutators (by PhoenixWing)

Any user can post a tutorial. Every tutorial posted will be included in this list once I get to it. There is no minimum length for one. If you only explain how to change the skin of a StaticMesh that is fine! If your tutorial covers more than one point it will get a link for each topic it covers. As an example look at the Actor placement, selection and movement tutorials. It's all just one tutorials but it covers those three topics so it got three links. This may look like blowing up the list artificially but in the end I think it will help people find what they need because the categorization is more detailed.
If you are currently writing a tutorial and you want to post it here sometime soon, send me a private message and I will include entries in the list reading "your-tutorial-topic (coming soon)". That way we will hopefully avoid unwanted dublicates and wasted work.
If you want to add to an existing tutorial, point out flaws in an existing tutorial or you know a better way of doing things than the way described in the tutorial, please point that out by posting into the topic of that tutorial (not here). Please also post if you can confirm that a certain Tutorial applies to another version of UnrealEd as well! Or, if it almost does, point out where it applies and where things are different!

I will try to order the list in a way that a newbie can work through it from top to bottom. This is a little sketchy at times, e.g. he should know about BSP-Holes before he even begins with his brush-work but chances are he won't understand it yet. BSP-Holes could also be a topic of Optimization. What he needs to know when is a matter of opinion and personal preference so I will just offer my own opinion by compiling this list. Should you have any objections, please post them in here!
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Tutorials for UnrealEngine 2
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